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The best learning for children is in the form of a game. This educational book will help your child not only learn numbers, but also learn
– colors,
– forms
– clasps
– the concept is big-small.
All numbers are mounted on a magnetic button. The book is decomposed into separate tablets – it is very convenient and interesting.
Now about the pages themselves:
1. Snail (labyrinth), under a leaf a flower on an elastic band, 1 ladybug
2. We study the concept of big-small. On the big mushroom there are 2 spots on a velcro, a small mushroom is mounted on the button. Behind the door is a bunny and a bunny on top of an elastic band.
3. We study the color matching. Butterflies are mounted on magnetic buttons. Stars – constriction.
4. We study the seasons. The page is mounted on the lock. Winter: snow is made of fur, snowflakes – on an elastic band and buttons. Spring: flowers on velcro, behind grass (bindweed ribbon) 4 more flowers. Summer: apples – on an elastic band, on a bush – 4 grones of a currant, behind a bush – an apple on an elastic band. Autumn: Velcro paper.
5. Hide and seek. It is necessary to find 5 bears. 2 bears behind the fence, fasten on velcro, 1 – behind a tree (on velcro), Behind the bushes – one bear (buttons with an elastic band). The sun has 5 rays.
6. We study a fastener (lightning). On a ladybug 6 spots on velcro. On the page 6 more ladybirds.
7. We study the colors of the rainbow. Seven-color flower. The middle is a squeaker. Ladybugs fasten on Velcro.
8. Sea World. We catch fish. Fishing rod on the magnet. Starfish – Velcro. Fish hiding behind the waves. We study the concept of “pocket”.
9. We study the geometric shapes and fastener “hook”. In the pocket with a zipper live aliens in the form of geometric shapes.
10. Lacing. 10 honeycombs, 10 leaves, 10 flowers.
This book is a storehouse for practicing with a child.


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