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Plush Handmade plush Giraffe A plush little Giraffe is the ideal toy for little babies or older children to sleep and play with.

Dimensions: 11 inches (28 cm)

– arms and legs- cotton
– face- linen, (the face is painted by hand with the edges for the texile)
– body – velour based on a premium class produced in the South Korea – ribbons – silk – filler – premium class polyester
All toys are made from high quality materials, organic fabrics, that’s why you can be absolutely sure they will not harm your child. All materials are hypoallergenic. The toy is filled with premium class polyester, which does not absorb moisture. The toy does not accumulate dust mites – it can be washed often.

Care instruction: the toy can be hand washed 30°C (86°F)

The toy designed by IrunToys and protected by copyright.
If you want, you can additionally order a handmade greeting card
Please, note that the toy can be slightly different from the one in the picture. However, the style and the color scheme are preserved.

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