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“Once upon a time there was a reindeer, named Rudolph. He had a big red shining nose, and the other deer teased him and mocked him. Even his own family – brothers, sisters, and mom and dad were ashamed of him and drove away from him. Rudolph suffered a lot. But one day, Santa and his team got into a thick fog and realized that in such weather it would be very difficult for him to fulfill his annual mission of distributing gifts to children.Rudolph came to the rescue: his red nose shone through the fog, like a bright lantern and Christmas was saved. Since then, Rudolph has become the main and beloved deer of Santa, and he has a reason to be proud of his wonderful nose. ”
Deer Rudolph will be a good gift for your child under the Christmas tree or just like that)) Material: yarn – 55% cotton-45% Polyacryl filler – holofiber, eyes – beads.
Decor: red heart button. Size (height with ears) – 9 in/23 cm.


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