Educational tablet “Geometric figures”


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What is interesting in this tablet?
1. DIFFERENT INVENTIONS. Felt, cotton, velcrop, wood. Remember: “The child’s mind is at his fingertips.” Therefore, it is important to give the child everything to touch, touch and examine. And this is not just a touch. At this point, your child mentally compares different surfaces. And you can tell your kid a hundred times that the water is hot and cold. This is just a sound for a child. Until he tried, he did not understand. The thinner the tactile sensations of the baby, the more accurately he can compare, combine or distinguish the objects and phenomena around him, that is, the most successful way to streamline thinking.
2. STUDYING THE CLUTCH FASTENERS. Wings at birds fasten on a flypaper. Not only is it a favorite activity for children to tear off the velcro, it is also a very useful skill. After all, Velcro is a zipper on the jacket and on shoes. With such a toy, your child will quickly understand the principle of the velcro fastener and become independent.
3. STUDY OF GEOMETRIC FIGURES. The most direct function of this tablet.
When you purchase this tablet you will be surprised the child will be easier, more fun and interesting to memorize geometric shapes.


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