Katana (Japanese wooden swords)


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3 Beautiful swords with wooden stand
Material: acacia, ash, mulberry.
No varnish or paint.

Length – 23.6/33.9/41.3 inches
Width of the blade – 1.4 inch
Diameter of the hilt – 1.2 inch
Length of the hilt – 5.9/7.9/9.8 inches
Weight – 9/11/12 oz.

The unique property of such kind of swords is that the blade and hilt are made from single, one piece of wood. So it makes them very durable and because of that you can use these swords as a training weapon.    You can buy swords of three different sizes at our shop:  23.6 and 33.9 inches, and katana that more suits for two-handed combat (41.3 inches).
Historical reference:
Katana – is Japanese sword, also known as “samurai sword” with a blade longer than 23.6 inches.
He has curved, single-edged, thin blade with round or square garda, and long hilt for two-handed style of fighting. Katana is historically associated with samurai in feudal Japan, and is known for its sharpness and good cutting abilities. The appearance of the first Japanese sword occurred in the initial period of Japanese feudalism in the late 9th century.
Also samurai wore two of such blades, second one was called Wakidzashi (a short sword). But there was the third blade (the smallest one). And it was called Tanto (he was like a knife). People in Japan call katana and Wakidzashi together “Daisho” that pointed them on status and honor of the warrior.


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